Our Background

Izaak van Drongelen assembled a team of experts to start a new enterprise in Panamá. They founded a construction company that provides European style project management/ development, bearing within its’ name the location where it all began – Gatun Lake Construction.

The first project we began developing in the Isthmus of Panama goes by the name of ChiQ Villa Gatun, which is located on the banks of Gatun Lake. ChiQ Villa Gatun is an ecofriendly boutique hotel with a futuristic concept that embraces the exotic lure of countryside Panama, all the while incorporating technology as its’ main design feature in order to provide a unique experience by bringing nature and technology together. Designed by our architect Maxi Aparicio, ChiQ soon began construction under the supervision of Bob Knijnenburg to a successful start in the year 2012.

Team Members

This newly formed partnership, with its’ combined experience and knowledge, yields a unique blend of creativity and exceptional performance. In addition, it is our personal commitment to establish and provide a reliable and trustworthy relationship with our clients. Rest assured that you can rely upon such commitment, and expect professionalism from the Gatun Lake Construction team at all times. We are friendly, considerate upon all our clients’ requests, and above all, strive for excellence.

Izaak GLC

Izaak van Drongelen

Owner and CEO

After successful completion of HEAO Business Economics Izaak started his career within the Oil & Gas Industry. He worked in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Turkey and the Middle East. Izaak has worked during the last 25 years as: Supervisor, Project Manager, Cost Controller, Logistics Manager, Procurement Manager, Project Director and COO. The projects were EPC LSTK and had a contract value of up to 500MM USD. In 2019 he decided to change his career path and fully focus on his construction company in Panamá. He moved to Panamá in Q-3 2019 and lives in La Chorrera, close to GLC office.

Maxi GLC

Maxi Aparicio

Engineering Manager

A Panamanian born architect who obtained his formal education and training in the United States, and upon graduation, he returned to his native country to begin designing state of the art structures and cutting edge projects. His creativity and excellence has propelled him in his field and has landed him the role of Engineering Manager for Gatun Lake Construction.


Bob Knijnenburg

Construction Supervisor

A mason by trade with an MBO in Mechanical Engineering, he specialized in developing luxurious structures for approximately four years before starting his own company in the Netherlands. After seven years and with a successful start of his business, he was ready for a new challenge. He sold it in 2012 so he could travel abroad, bringing along with him his experience and expertize to Panamanian shores.

Oswaldo GLC

Osvaldo Ortiz

Construction Foreman

A smart and hardworking team player who started his employment career in 2012 at Gatun Lake Construction. Since 2012 Osvaldo has developed his skills and has become a familiar sight on all GLC’s projects.

Ferdi GLC

Ferdi Jeelof

Technical Advisor

A business savvy project manager holding a Bachelors degree in Built Environment, and nine years of experience in an array of specialties that ranges from restoration to interior design and renovation. His interests led him to focus on the renovation of public squares, and the exterior/interior of historical buildings in the harbor side of the renowned town of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Jordi GLC

Jordi van Marion

Business Development Manager

A Dutch entrepreneur with experience in the construction industry as supervisor, project manager and regional manager. In 2018 he decided to join the Gatun Lake Construction team on full time basis.