Revolutionizing Panama’s construction industry, Gatun Lake Construction S.A. is guaranteed to solve your construction challenges.

Developed in 2012 by an elite group of Panamanian and European architects and international businessmen, having discovered the potential for growth and development in Panama’s economic expansion, GLC combines top-level experience; a unique blend of creativity and functionality; and an unrivaled, premium service to save you time, money and stress.

If your project demands the best team to be committed, Gatun Lake Construction is your only answer.

Customer Satisfaction

  1. With our Superior Service – Honed in the competitive cities of Europe, we’re the most premium, dependable construction team in Panama.
  2. We believe in Honest Communication. You will have absolute knowledge and input in everything we do and plan to do.
  3. Our service is Reliable, and our team is Dedicated. We plan our work and work our plan; within time and within budget.
  4. Creativity & Functionality – Structures that are creatively considered, with functionality at their core.

Mission, vision and goals

Our mission is to become one of Panama’s leading construction companies that provides a personalized client based experience, one that emphasizes on meeting individual demands, in order to establish a trustworthy/professional relationship to meet and exceed expectations.

Our vision is to provide our expertise in construction development and management, to other visionaries looking forward to erecting the next generation of buildings in Panama. Whether commercial or private developments, our commitment is to create cutting edge structures prepared to withstand the test of time.

Our goal is to provide a unique customer experience in project development, alongside European building standards in construction management, therefore propelling new building standards into the future of Panama.

Our Partners

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