What is FRESH?

Stands for Full Reducing Energy Sustainable Habitat.

It’s a lightweight, fast track construction system, based on core elements designed to maximize ease, functionality and creativity. These core elements of FRESH form a “Kit of Parts”, which offers different possibilities in design to match your concepts.

And, because FRESH designs have passive cooling properties and the FRESH building materials have a high insulation rating, every FRESH home is kept comfortable and cool at a low cost

Simply put: FRESH lets you build houses quicker, safer and more affordable than ever before, while giving you the opportunity to make the design your own.

Fresh - Gatun lake constructions

FRESH Kit of Parts

Prefabricated steel

An original collection of 35 drawings, which are aptly engineered to form the steel frame skeleton of each FRESH building, promising flexibility and a reliable foundation.


Highly insulated, top quality panels – usually reserved for industrial buildings – which are adaptable to almost every type of finishing. FRESH panels are used for the floors, walls and roof, guaranteeing structural strength.

Modules and Finishing

FRESH Modules

Combining these elements produces standard modules of 4×6.5 meter, which are the base of our FRESH building system, and can easily be connected in a variety of ways to create the specific layout and surface desired.


The finishing is unique to you. With maintenance and corrosion-free primer as standard, all you need to consider is your colour and material finish.

Main Advantages FRESH

Stress-free transportation; no exceptions

All components have been crafted to guarantee maximum build strength, yet with minimum weight, making transportation easy.

Fast-track project completion

Unique, time-conscious designs ensure you save time and money, with 75%-time reduction compared to traditional constructions.

Flexible & adaptable

Take advantage of the 30° design possibilities to construct in challenging or creative spaces (ideal for mountainous areas and sloped terrains).

Limitless creativity

Limitless options for finishing – wood, stone, roof tiles and more – to demonstrate your individual style and flair.

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