Boutique Hotel

ChiQ World is constructing the very first ChiQ Villa in the Republic of Panama. This boutique hotel not only offers tailored customer experience, but it also offers some of the most cutting-edge technology available today. The location is around the banks of the Gatun Lake, in the area of La Arenosa. This location is close to the Panama Canal waterway and it offers some of the most serene waters and picturesque tropical landscape that comprise the Isthmus.

We have a vision of doing things right the first time. Therefore, the villa will count with its own water treatment plant, windmill and solar panels to contribute to this world and reduce our carbon footprint. At approximately an hour away from the city, the facility will have the amenities to host: weddings, anniversaries, functions, corporate events and private parties. The villa and its terraces can accommodate up to 300 guests and sleeps up to 24 in luxury spacious rooms.

CVG-0016- main terrace view towards main building
CVG-0007- birdview pool bar and jacuzzi area

Gatun Lake Construction S.A.

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